Fasciatherapy Consultation

The fascia is ubiquitous in the body. This is a thin skin that covers all muscles, bones, organs, tendons, from the periphery to the depth. Genuine adaptation system that reacts to whatever we live both physical, psychological -emotional and mental. Everything passes through this communication channel " highway " before transmitting messages that the brain takes it so often unknowingly... With intelligence in motion and constantly adapting, alive, conscious, and especially sensitive, fascia freezes during shock or injury, internal movement stops, the surrounding tissue is denser, convulses and the whole body weakens. This process will act on functional disorders ranging from loss of vitality, insomnia, digestive disorders ... The practitioner identify any immobility and revive the deep dynamic with a set of precise and rigorous hand gestures. This self-regulation of the bodys' systems allows the person to better adapt to changes and events in his life . By becoming aware, mobile and alive, the body can maintain stable new internal health conditions while facing a changing external environment.

Francine Robert Teacher of awakening the body through movement , Fascia MDB

Francine Robert is interested in body language since 1973. Yoga, shiatsu, rebirth, do-in, fasciatherapy were part of her professional approach. Over the years the reality of the body, the here and now have become essential for her in a dynamic by which she wishes to share VITALITY, STRENGTH, JOY and SELF-PRESENCE. This passion is reflected in her many conferences on various topics of Life: Love, healing, relationship, the way of life, etc.

Fasciatherapy Consultation
Duration: 90min.