Fitness Assessment

It is now possible to know the high points as well as those you need to improve concerning your physical fitness! With the help of your computerized «Canadian Physitest» profile you will know more as to what aspects need improving. You will be evaluated on the following points: to assess current fitness levels relative to your age, to evaluate your appropriate exercise starting point, to identify areas of health and injury risks with possible referall to the appropriate health professional, to establish goals and provide motivation, to aid in the development of an exercise program for a future consultation at Spa Eastman or at your own gym, to evaluate progress. Here are a few of the tests you will have to do: Body Mass Index, Body Composition (Body-fat distribution), Cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max), Strength and muscular endurance, Flexibility. The results will help you to make the right decisions in the choice of your physical fitness activities. Whether you are a novice or an advanced athlete, it is always pertinent to know your physical fitness profile.

Fitness Asessment
Duration: 60min.