Lomi-atsu Massage

Created by Noémie Gélinas, the Lomi-atsu massage is a fusion of lomi-lomi (Hawaiian massage) and shiatsu. Lomi-atsu is practiced on a table with oil. It includes the ample and fluid long movements of the lomi-lomi, allowing a great freedom of movements and a harmonious distribution of the body weight of the therapist. Pressures slipped with hands, forearms, elbows and thumbs are made to facilitate the flow of energy.
By stimulating the pressure points, which is characteristic of Shiatsu, the therapist facilitates the relaxation of the deepest tensions. Lomi-atsu helps revive the vitality of the body and untie the muscles. Its effects are both therapeutic and relaxing. Thanks to the massage of the abdomen, which stimulates the activity of the different organs, it provides a better detoxifying effect and reduces emotional stress.
Duration: 60min.
Duration: 90min.
Duration: 120min.