Get moving


Private Training or Program

A physical fitness specialist will allow you to experience a personal training session adapted to your tastes and needs. These fitness sessions can be adapted to each individual: whether you are an athlete or someone who simply wishes to improve their physical fitness. Swiss ball workout; muscular work out; running; stretching; aqua-form (muscular exercises in our pool); localized exercises (abs-buttocks); specific exercises for back problems.

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Fitness Assessment

It is now possible to know the high points as well as those you need to improve concerning your physical fitness! With the help of your computerized «Canadian Physitest» profile you will know more as to what aspects need improving.

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Total Shape-Up Program

Finally! A training program that suits you!
Following the assessment of your physical condition and your specific goals, your trainer will submit you a customized training plan as part of a meeting of 60 minutes. Your program will then be taught as part of a private drive 60 minutes. You will be perfectly equipped to continue your workout once at home. Our team of kinesiologists awaits!

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