NOVEMBER - Six Chakra Studies

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***Workshop in English only***

Dates : From November 1st to 3rd 2019
Instructor : Erica Arsenault


Go inward, practice self-observation and enhance understanding of your innate guidance system. Dynamic vinyasa practice combined with the technology of Kundalini yoga and Mantra meditations will shift you into a space of higher intelligence. The weekend includes 2 nights, 3 meals a day, 4 yoga practices, access to the pool, gym and Nordic baths, hiking trails and gym.


Friday evening, after dinner: Restorative Yoga Practice.  

Cultivate profound effortlessness within the physical body to form relationship with self observation. Learn to acknowledge how you are co-creating dis-ease. You have the ability to transmute it.   

Saturday morning, before breakfast: Kundalini Yoga Practice and Mantra Meditation

Awaken with a designed Kundalini Kriya to stimulate cerebral spinal fluid to strengthen and cleanse the midbrain. Gong Soundbath during Savasana to oscillate with the vibration of the Universe in preparation for meditation using Mantra to begin to “See the Unseen”- Yogi Bhajan. 

Saturday, before dinner: Vinyasa Yoga Practice.

Active architectural yogic movement to take responsibility within the act of seeing; An action to feel the spaciousness that you are, granting you the ability to choose a higher possibility. 

Sunday morning before breakfast: Vinyasa Yoga Practice and Breath Meditation.

An integrative flow to strengthen Neutral mind as necessary to discern efficiently between Positive and Negative mind. In doing so, your intelligence of direct knowing is amplified. 



Erica is renowned for refining a unique yoga style that incorporates a Western connection of anatomy and architecture, with an Eastern ease of philosophy and spirituality. She recently completed her studies in Kundalini to continue her evolution of understanding Source energy and to share this sacred technology as she believes we are all "conduits of healing in the presence of feeling". 

Erica’s yoga flow integrates dimensions of the body, duality of active and passive energy and conscious breath movement, with the goal of connecting to your highest intelligence. Her precise alignment and muscle activation has a meditative charm that allows for detachment from thought, to truly land in innate stillness.

Wife, mother of two, business owner and Lululemon Ambassador. Her goal is to share the practice as an exploration of self-sensory.  To live in the present, amplify the capacity to listen well and honor that we are all on the same journey of returning.



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Included in the Six Chakra Studies retreat package: 2 nights, 3 meals a day, daily workshops, access to the pool, gym and Nordic baths, hiking trails and gym.

* Check-in: The rooms are guaranteed for 4 PM the day of arrival.
* Check-out: The rooms have to be checked-out of before 11 AM on the day of departure.