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Spa Eastman's restaurant is open 365 days a year. Join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner at your convenience. An invitation to discover gluten free and dairy free culinary pleasures.

Veronica Kaczmarowski - Executive Chef

Speaker, naturopath, nutritherapeute, graduated in international cuisine, coach in healthy habits and consultant in integration of health menus in companies / institutions.Veronica Kaczmarowski prioritizes global health through an ancestral approach, the natural way of functioning of the human body and the importance of a living, vegan and anti-inflammatory diet. Originally from Australia, Veronica traveled for seven years around the world observing the culinary habits and lifestyles of different cultures. After thirty years of experience and two restaurants, she continues her passion of supporting people in their transition to better health here at Spa Eastman.


Our chef nutritherapeute Jean-Marc Enderlin, also nutrition counselor specializing in lively and hypotoxic kitchen. Both Chef and trainer at Spa Eastman, he graduated from Cerden (European Centre for Research, Development and Education of the Nutritherapy). In the course of his career, Jean-Marc had the opportunity to work in various restaurants around the world: Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Greece and Belgium where he was responsible for cooking at the famous Restaurant TAN in Brussels. Established in Eastman since 2012, he offers a colorful, tasty and healthy cuisine.


Our Restaurant offers a unique gastronomy we named, Tonique CuisineTM. An unusual culinary experience, colorful, tasty and energizing, designed to please the most discerning palate. At Spa Eastman, we believe in the importance of diet on health and happiness. Our principles are based on scientific research that we chose to incorporate into our kitchen to provide a beneficent dining experience, without sacrificing taste nor the pleasure.The result is delicious food that provides energy and vitality to the body and satisfies the most particular gourmet. 


Spa Eastman's concern for the environment and healthy living is reflected even in our wine list. While seeking taste and pleasure, our sommelier created a fine selection of mainly organic wines; made from grapes grown without any chemical additives. In the same vein, we are proud to promote local producers, as well as wines produced according to the principles of "agriculture raisonnée".
The goal is to offer quality wines, healthy and well-made, produced with respect for the environment and the health of consumers.

Discover our Spa Eastman Reserves developed with the complicity of local producers!

Our White
Developed at the sustainable farm of the GRANGE HATLEY VINEYARD by John Paul Martin

Our Red
Developed at the sustainable farm of THE DOMAIN BROME by Léon Courville.


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