ANAHATA meditation and vocal poetry

VOICE is one of the most powerful harmonization and healing tools

Producing a prolonged sound with the voice projects a resonance that synchronizes thought and body. The voice vibrates our body and allows the expression of our interior landscape in a soft and soothing way. The resonance of our voice, with deep breathing, creates a state of acceptance that supports attentive presence, relaxation, and a great sense of belonging. Celebrating life with the voice is an instinctive and fundamental act, inherent to all human beings.

  • Voice and sound meditation - Laur + crystal & tibetan bowls and other instruments
  • Short voice preparation and breathing
  • Choosing an intention
  • Presentation of a chosen music
  • Learning the melody in 3 very simple parts (harmonies)
  • Voice practice on chosen music
  • Improvisation practice with crystal bowl

Come vibrate your chord - your VOICE!

No singing experience required!

Laur Fugère is well known for her work with Cirque du Soleil, Cats and Les Misérables. 
She sang all over the world and specializes in improvisation. Her voice manifests our authority to create our reality. The intention she brings into vocal resonance is transcending. Her voice transports the listener to time immemorial…

Laur works with anyone wanting to explore the power of their voice. She also coaches singers and public speakers to empower them to expand and enhance their vocal capabilities, optimize their range and build confidence, credibility and speaking power.     

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ANAHATA vocal meditation & poetry
Duration: 90min.