Energy balancing massage Phyto5

Let your emotions guide us!

The Violet Clay combined with Quantum certified oils will bring minerals and oligo-elements to the skin that is so much needed at this time of the year.

The Balancing Massage is an exclusive treatment at Spa Eastman Montreal. It is the most powerful energy treatment to rebalance and harmonize our psychic and physical forces and start the year with strength and determination.

The Energy Balancing Massage Phyto5 takes your emotional state of the moment by plunging you into a high-vibration olfactory world.  By the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, you will choose what inspires you most at the moment.  Then, you will have a personalized massage, specially adapted to your needs of the moment in order to rebalance specifically the body and mind.

Reservations: 514-845-8455

Energy balancing massage Phyto5
Duration: 60min.