Signature Treatment Yogi-Body

To welcome the arrival of summer in wellness, Spa Eastman Montreal offers a complete body care of great exception. The Chroma-Draining Complete Body Care from Phyto5 is a health-beauty "restart".

After relaxing and exfoliating in our thermotherapy area, our beauty therapist will guide you to this body care that is as pleasant as it is effective.

First, we rebalance the energy of the body to help the circulation of all fluids. This follows an aromatic seaweed bodywrap with powerful decongestant and mineralising virtues. During the wrap, we pampering the face with a chroma-draining treatment. After, without rinsing, we achieve a release of back points followed by Chroma-drainage of the whole body. Our device combines the drainage that consists of a gentle and rhythmic pressure that provides a deep sense of well-being and Chromatherapy, vibration that stimulates and influences the regeneration of cells. All the fluids recirculate freely in the body, from head to toe, all the cells are nourished, and toxins eliminated. The skin is incredibly soft, our vitality explodes and our beauty blossoms. The ideal care to press on "restart" and start on the right foot. Lightened, energized, deeply cleansed, we suddenly want to continue the benefits of treatment and take charge. Also offered as a cure for three treatments.

Other benefits: unified and luminous skin, anti-stress, lightens the legs and releases physical tension, improving the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation, hence the reduction of inflammation, cellular regeneration, tone of the epidermis.

Spa Eastman Montreal team, official distributor of happiness.

90 minutes of pure happiness!

Signature Teatment Yogi-Body
Duration: 90min.
6 treatments package
Duration: 90min.
12 treatments package
Duration: 90min.