The Stone Massage

The Stone massage uses ancestral methods first discovered by the Arizona Natives. It is a forerunner among relaxation massages. By thermotherapy and the use of volcanic stones placed at a certain angle, this massage will increase inflexion and extension of the muscles. The heat of these stones, placed on the back, legs and arms, will bring an almost instant soothing sensation that will emerge the body in a "period" of well-being. The therapist will also work on the spasms and muscular tensions, blood circulation and energy losses. The treatment creates perfect osmoses between mind and body, as well as predisposing the latter to deep meditation and reflection. The Stone massage creates unequalled sense of true relaxation. The stones have been recognized for century for the ability to capture energy and heat. The Stone massage aims at renewing energy and vigor, all the while warming muscles and tissues.

Stone Massage
Duration: 75min.
with thermotherapy
Duration: 75min.