There's nothing like massage therapy for toning muscles and for soothing bruised, stiff, tight or spasmodic joints. By stroking, kneading, vibrating, tapping and stretching the skin, your tense muscles, and your entire being, relax and regenerate!

Our team of professional massage therapists offer a large choice of different techniques. Take your time and... explore them all!


All the treatments we offer use the best product lines to optimize the health and beauty of your skin, with a maximum efficiency of natural elements. Our team of professional aestheticians will recommend you the best combination of treatment and product to suit your needs among Algotherm, Babor and Naturopathica.

The know-how and dedication of our team promise you a fantastic moment and a great relaxation.

Body Cares

Taking care of your body also means catering to your spiritual side. And that's precisely the objective of the different body treatments offered at the Spa Eastman. The goal is to clean, purge, lighten, purify and invigorate your body from your head to your toes.

Your body will thank you.

Power Nap Station / NeuroSpa

After Paris and New York, Montreal now has its very own Power Nap Station. Just a thirty-minute siesta in one of Spa Eastman Montreal’s Power Nap Stations can chase away physical as well as mental fatigue allowing you to renew your energy, clear your mind and get back to business feeling truly effective.

Treatments packages

These spa packages combine the perfect mix of treatments to reach your goal of relaxation, anti-stress, beauty, etc.

Whatever your needs are, we have the perfect spa treatment package for you! 


Spa Eastman Montreal now offers a year membership!

Plenty of relaxation and savings!

The Perfect Gift!

Choose the value or the package you want to offer. Simple few steps and secured payment will allow you to print your gift-card in minutes. You'll also have the opportunity to receive the gift-card by mail instead, if you wish!

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