Relax and recharge your batteries this summer

Observable benefits for 6 months

According to a study from Cornell University, 1 week of vacation at a health center is equivalent to 3 weeks of regular vacation. Moreover, the benefits are observable for 6 months! So, you can enjoy just a short week of your already planned vacation to take care of yourself for lasting well-being.

Enjoy the summer season in the heart of nature in the Eastern Townships

Garden to table meals

The renowned Spa Eastman’s Tonique Cuisine is served to you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout your stay. During the peak summer season, the dishes are brimming with ingredients harvested daily, directly from our gardens: fresh herbs, vegetables, and berries. You’ll be able to savor cuisine that’s not only good for the body but also uncompromising on taste and pleasure.

And why not enjoy these meals on our large terrace with a direct view of Mont Orford.

Outdoor activities

Our wellness activity calendar provides you with well-being tools to support you upon returning home. Whether your intention for the stay is to disconnect from the daily routine or simply relax, choose from a selection of outdoor activities, such as:

  • Qi Gong
  • Aqua Yoga
  • Gentle Yoga
  • Therapeutic Gardening
  • Fitness Walk
  • Meditative Walk

Check out the upcoming schedules.

Private network of forest trails

Our 15 km of private trails in the heart of a lush forest allow you to escape at your own pace. Whether it’s for a meditative or active walk, you will find the perfect loop according to your level.

Outdoor thermotherapy

Our complete thermotherapy section includes several outdoor facilities to enjoy the best of each season.

Choose from a range of:

  • Hot baths
  • Natural pond for swimming
  • Outdoor pool
  • Relaxation spaces in nature: hammock, loungers, chairs around the fire, etc.
There will be a before and after Spa Eastman. Hurry and go there, it’s like a vacation journey for your well-being, give yourself this gift of love. To this day, it’s the best all-inclusive, and God knows I usually don’t like this type of package. Yet, what I experienced provides me with wonderful tools to bring back home and extend the pleasure in our daily lives!

Spa Eastman‘s client

All our packages and retreats are all-inclusive vacations

Accomodation – 3 meals per day – Unlimited access to the wellness activities and conferences – 15 km of wooded trails – Gym – Pools and thermotherapy installations

2 getaways to recharge in Quebec this summer

Zen Vacation Package

Need vacations that truly rejuvenate? Combine the pleasure of holidays with relaxation, healthy gastronomy, treatments, revitalization, and fitness. A package to completely disconnect from the daily routine!

In addition to the basic inclusions, this package includes:

  • 3 sessions of invigorating NeuroSpa Power Nap or a Light Head-to-Toe Treatment;
  • 4 60-minute treatments of your choice.

Health Immersion

Take advantage of your vacations to take care of yourself in all aspects! Develop healthy habits that will have a lasting impact on your health, all based on your personal goals.

In addition to the basic inclusions, this package includes:

  • An initial session with a health coach;
  • Two naturopathic consultations with one of our naturopaths: Ilona Dowgiallo, Ph.D. in Physics, or Manon Viger, for stress level evaluation, body acidity levels, etc.;
  • Three private consultations based on your chosen objective OR two 90-minute private consultations;
  • A 60-minute massage of your choice;
  • A concluding session to review the objectives.

Contribute to sustainable tourism

While being a pioneer in the spa industry, Spa Eastman is also a trailblazer in sustainable tourism in Quebec. We take the aspect of sustainable development seriously; it is an integral part of our philosophy.

Perhaps you, too, will be among those who exchange overseas destinations for local ones and opt for low-carbon footprint vacations.

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