Treat your beloved one with a one-day package

Choose one of the following options

Access to the baths and a meal (day + lunch or evening + dinner)


A one-day package including access to the baths and a 60 minutes massage


Access to the baths, a meal (day + lunch or evening + dinner), and a 60 minutes massage

The exceptionnal value of Spa Eastman’s gift card…Worth much more than just the Nordic baths

  • Access to the thermotherapy installations
  • Access to 15km of private walking trails
  • Access to the activities and workshops on wellness
  • Access to the gym

How to offer Spa Eastman’s gift card ?

  • Enter your own email in the fields provided for this purpose (recipient’s name and recipient’s email address).
  • You will receive the card in your emails.
  • You can then offer it as you want: by email with a personalized message, printed in a beautiful envelope… all ways are good!
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