By planning your first stay, you open the door to a profound and lasting transformation.

We’re here to help you focus fully on your well-being, eliminating the stress of planning and providing you with a hassle-free experience.

Step 1

Choose your experience based on your needs

At Spa Eastman, there are two main categories of experiences, summarized below: all-inclusive stays and wellness retreats. It’s important to note that all these retreats include the following: accommodation, 3 Tonique Cuisine ® meals a day, access to lectures and workshops, as well as thermotherapy facilities, swimming pools, 15 km of trails and a gym.

All-inclusive stays

Our all-inclusive packages are personalized experiences of 3 nights or more that you can plan at a time that suits you.

Many packages also include treatments and private consultations to suit your needs and goals.

  • Flexible schedule
  • Available at all times
  • Guaranteed rejuvenation and relaxation

Wellness retreats

Thematic retreats, led by wellness experts, take place on specific dates and usually welcome groups of 8 to 16 participants (with a few exceptions). 
You can choose from a variety of themes, such as nutrition, movement, creativity and mindfulness, depending on your interests. 

  • Group synergy and connection
  • Facilitator’s expertise

Step 2

Choose your dates

Open 365 days a year, Spa Eastman offers a unique experience every season! Discover why many people come several times a year for different reasons. 


We love it for…

🤍  The beauty and calm of its snowy landscapes

🤍 Its pink sunsets

🤍 The frozen pond

🤍 Forest walks with snowshoes


We love it for…

🤍 The diversity of activities in glassed-in rooms during the interseason

🤍 Relaxation in the spring-temperature baths

🤍 The freshness of the pond


We love it for…

🤍 Workshops under the outdoor pergola

🤍 Our outdoor pool 

🤍The abundance of our gardens


We love it for…

🤍 The explosion of colors

🤍 Golden sunrises

🤍 The freshness of autumn days

Need to recharge your batteries right away ?

No problem! We regularly have last-minute availability to help you recharge instantly.

Step 3

Choose your accommodation

Spa Eastman is at the heart of a 333-acre estate and features 9 distinct lodging pavilions – all within a 10-minute walk of the Main Pavilion and with parking nearby.

View site map

Main Pavilion

Superior and spacious rooms

Building that also house the restaurant, the treatment, and thermotherapy facilities

Outdoor Pavilions

Economy and regular rooms

Illuminated walking trails (4-8 minute walk from main pavilion)
Lockers provided in the main lodge

Oasis Pavilions

Oasis room category
Illuminated walking trails (8-12 minute walk from main pavilion)
Modern buildings featuring best practices in eco-responsible construction
In-house infrared sauna
Lockers provided in the main lodge
** Some wellness retreats are held at the Oasis. In such cases, it may be preferable to choose a room in this pavilion to be closer to the retreat site.

Step 4

After completing your online reservation

Create your dream schedule

Treatments and consultations

If you have chosen a stay that includes treatments, such as Cocooning or At your wits ends, please take the time to consult the list of treatments available for your package.

Please note that you can also choose another treatment, excluded from this list, for a little extra.

If you’re coming on a wellness retreat or a Destination Spa stay, you can also add à la carte treatments.

A few must-haves

Naturopathy consultation

Facial beauty of emotions

Signature massage with Inspirata Nature infused hot oils

Keep an eye on our activities calendar

Our activities calendar is packed with physical workshops, lectures, moments of introspection and tools to help you take care of yourself beyond your stay.

You can refer to the activities calendar (online 3 weeks before your planned stay) to plan your days – and include treatments, if desired.

Tips to make sure you don’t miss a thing

For specialized treatments, call us as soon as possible after completing your reservation to have access to the treatments you want. If you are open to discovering new treatments, you can wait until 3 weeks before your stay to coordinate your treatment schedule with the workshops on the calendar. Many treatments remain available up to 3 weeks before your stay.

Step 5

Packing your bags

Wondering what to bring on your next visit to Spa eastman?

To make your life easier, here’s a list of essential items:

  • Your bathing suit (or two, so you don’t have to wear a wet one again!);
  • Sandals (so you can easily walk around the thermotherapy facilities);
  • A reusable water bottle;
  • Walking shoes/boots suitable for the current season, to enjoy the trails. Please note that cleats, snowshoes and walking poles are available at reception;
  • Appropriate clothing for physical activities;
  • Your yoga mat and any other training equipment you’d like to use. Yoga and meditation mats and equipment are also available.
  • A notebook for taking notes during lectures and for moments of introspection (sheets of paper and pencils are also available if required).

Please note that for all meals at the restaurant, bathrobes are permitted. At dinner, we notice that guests like to wear casual business attire.

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