Un séjour tout-inclus dans les Cantons-de-l’Est

Relax and unwind in a unique way

Clear paths to your wellness goals

Located on 323 acres with an incredible view of Mont Orford, the Spa Eastman is a bona fide vacation spa. With its seven pavilions for accommodation, its 15 kilometers of nature hiking trails, its gardens, and picture-perfect scenery, you’ll feel instantly at home. The local flora and fauna are the perfect environment for the Centre’s activities, and the air, water, and land come together to create a memorable setting.

A stay towards the achievement of your well-being objectives

Our wellness retreat center in nature favors and encourages wellness during your relaxing stay, and well beyond. We are not a hotel with a spa. We are your wellness guide to achieving your wellness goals.

What is a stay at Spa Eastman like?

  • Benefits of thermotherapy;
  • An exceptionally tasty – and healthy – menu called the Tonique Cuisine;
  • Quality treatments;
  • Walks in the 15 km of private trails in the forest
  • Relaxation and fitness activities…

Spa Eatsman offers you a clear path to your well-being goals.

First visit at Spa Eastman?

This is your first visit? Let us give you some tips on what to bring in any season and how to optimize your thermotherapy cycles. Also, discover our very convenient trail map.


Bathing suits and sandals, hiking shoes or boots, sportswear adapted for yoga or outdoor activities, and reusable water bottle.

Summer: Do not forget your sun visor hat and sunscreen.

Winter: You will need warm clothes and good hiking boots for the guided walks. Bring a cap to keep your head warm in the outside baths. 

Spring and Fall: You’ll be happy to have a raincoat but also rain boots, our paths may be muddy!


  • Minimum age: The minimum age required is 12 years. Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult even during treatments.
  • Pets: Please note that we no longer accept pets in accommodation, however dogs are always welcome on a leash in our hiking paths.
  • Reduced mobility: We have a room suitable for people in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility at the main lodge with lift access. Access to the baths and saunas are however not suitable for wheelchairs.
  • Electric vehicles: We have four electrical stations (free parking) as well as two Tesla adapters.


Approximately one hour from Montreal, two hours from Quebec City and a few hours from several American states, this is a destination that is certainly worth the trip.

From Montreal:
Highway 10 East towards Sherbrooke, exit 100.

From Sherbrooke:
Highway 10 West towards Montreal, exit 106.


The benefits of alternating hot and cold have long been recognized in many countries. To make the most of the benefits, it is essential to respect the basic principles. 

  1. WARM: Detoxifies the body and helps relieve mental fatigue, muscle tension, and stress.
  2. COLD: Decreases body temperature, strengthens the immune system and improves blood circulation.
  3. REST: Maximise the benefits of the previous steps.
  4. DRINK: Recovery of lost electrolytes due to sweating. 

Our Restaurant, a Unique Gastronomy Named Tonique Cuisine®

Our Restaurant offers unique gastronomy we named Tonique Cuisine®. An unusual culinary experience, colorful, tasty and energizing, designed to please the most discerning palate. At Spa Eastman, we believe in the importance of diet on health and happiness. Our principles are based on scientific research that we chose to incorporate into our kitchen to provide a beneficent dining experience, without sacrificing taste nor the pleasure. The result is delicious food that provides energy and vitality to the body and satisfies the most particular gourmet. 

Activities and workshops

Make the most of your stay and take part in the daily activities offered to you free of charge.

Indoor and outdoor activities, conferences, and more!

Disconnect to reconnect

Our Disconnect Option is a digital detox cure that allows you to give your brain a much-deserved rest. This kind of break is important for memory, learning and reducing anxiety. By removing technology for a specific period of time, you allow yourself to restore balance and regain a sense of purpose.

This total immersion without technology for at least 3 days, allows you to disengage long enough to feel the effect of general well-being.

For those who might be uncomfortable, we suggest you tell your loved ones that you will not have access to your phone (or anything else) and that the reception can take a message for you in case of an emergency.

A 30-minute treatment as a reward

To congratulate you for holding on, we offer you a 30-minute treatment. You will have the choice between a NeuroSpa Energizing Power Nap and a Light from head to toes treatment.

Un séjour tout-inclus dans les Cantons-de-l’Est

Clear paths to your wellness goals

An all-inclusive stay

Make the most of your vacation in wellness mode thanks to our calendar proposing to move in happiness and to learn in benevolence, our nature trails, our gourmet and healthy cuisine, as well as our thermotherapy facilities. Your well-deserved vacation!