Zen Vacation Package


305 $

per person, per night, minimum of 5 nights double occupancy

Combine the pleasures of vacation with relaxation, healthy gastronomy, wellness treatments, and fitness exercises. A package to recharge completely!

This package includes:

You can also add:

Private consultations ($): nutrition, cuisine, osteopathy, personalized yoga, life coaching, etc.

Complementary treatment program ($).

Maximize pleasure and relaxation by adding one of our treatment packages! Whether your goal is relaxation, stress management, or restoration beauty, there’s one for you! See the list here >>

Number of night stayEconomic roomRegular roomSuperior roomSuperior room with fireplaceSpacious room
5 nights single occ.1742$1942$2357$2557$2657$
5 nights double occ.1522$1642$1842$1942$2042$
6 nights single occ.2014$2254$2752$2992$3112$
6 nights double occ.1750$1894$2134$2254$2374 $
7 nights single occ.2286$2566$3147$3427$3567$
7 nights double occ.1978$2146$2426$2566$2706$