Nourishing Fall Retreat


Jackie Beaudoin, certified yoga teacher and Kelly Cameron, Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist

November 14th to 17th, 2024



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As the crisp autumn air settles in, it’s time to embrace a season of rejuvenation and recovery

Join Jackie Beaudoin and Kelly Cameron for an immersive retreat focused on nourishing your body and soul, fortifying your immune system and embracing the natural rhythms of the fall season. Autumn is the season of wind and dryness, time to recharge

Slow down, soothe, ground, moisten, and nourish.  Self care at this time of year is essential, our nervous systems and respiratory tracts are especially vulnerable and will benefit from the extra support you will be giving it on this retreat

Designed and facilitated by professional yoga teachers

Jackie Beaudoin

Jackie is a certified 500-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher with a degree in Human Kinetics. She has guided countless individuals on their wellness journeys through yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. Renowned for her strong and compassionate teaching style, Jackie possesses deep expertise in health and wellness, Ayurveda, and anatomy. She seamlessly integrates this knowledge into her teaching, encouraging students to embrace the present moment and cultivate a deeper connection with themselves and the world through yoga.

Kelly Cameron

Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist.  Teaching style has a blend of Eastern and Western philosophies. Known for her knowledge and intrigue of the human body her classes have a strong anatomical and nurturing approach.  

What to expect:

  • 4 days of being pampered by your hosts, getting lots of rest, exercising, and eating nourishing food.
  • Grounding yoga practices that nourishes the body and soul.   
  • Meaningful flows, breath work, yin and restorative practices all tailored to nourish and help you find balance as the seasons change. 
  • Daily journaling and meditation. 
  • Yoga Nidra: experience the profound benefits of yoga nidra, a guided meditation practice known for its ability to induce deep relaxation and healing.  
  • MFR: Myofascial release practice.
  • Forest bathing within the 15km of trails and find your heartbeat with nature.
  • Hands on adjustments with essential healing oils.
  • Connection & laughter.

The ideal place for clearing your mind and energizing your body

This retreat includes :

Lodging in one of our 8 pavilions

Tonique Cuisine meals, a tasty anti-inflammatory gastronomy

Unlimited access to all the facilities of the site: thermotherapy, gym and 15 km of trails

Sessions of your choice offered on our daily activity calender

Possibility of adding treatments and consultations: massage, facial, naturopathy consultation and more.

In the enchanting setting of the Oasis

Une retraite bien-être au coeur de la nature des Cantons-de-l'Est pour atteindre ses objectifs mieux-être
Discover these pavilions

This retreat takes place in one of the Oasis pavilions founded on the best principles of sustainable development, in the heart of nature. In addition to its beautiful glass room, this pavilion offers an infrared sauna, a 4-season solarium and a roof terrace.

Sleep in the Oasis

By choosing an Oasis room, you will be accommodated in the establishment where all the workshops of the retreat will be held, allowing you to settle down completely.

Room typeEconomicRegularOasis (where the retreat is hosted)SuperiorSuperior Mont Orford ViewSpacious
3-nights single occ.$1390$1500$1700$1700$1824$1868
3-night double occ.$1279$1336$1436$1436$1498$1519