Ritual & Wellness Retreat



Date: December 11th to 14th 2022

The hosts : Angela Boismenu & Johanna Toussaint

Description of the retreat

Restore your body & soul with the Ritual & Wellness weekend retreat nestled in the heart of the Eastern Townships, in the small town of Eastman, QC. With it’s 326 acres, and breathtaking views of Mont Orford, you will quickly find yourself relaxing into your blissfully peaceful surroundings, and letting go of what no longer serves you.

Join Angela Boismenu & Johanna Toussaint for a well-deserved escape from the city. A unique wellness experience at luxurious Spa Eastman. Get out of the city and spend some time reconnecting to nature, community, and yourself.

Spa Eastman welcomes us for a 4 day retreat of ritual, wellness and connection.
All yoga classes will be bilingual, cuing one side of the body in English and the other in French.

• Package Includes
• Accommodations
• Full access to all Nordic baths and saunas for 4 days
• 3 breakfasts, 3 x lunches and 3 dinners
• 6 bilingual yoga classes across 4 days, adapted for all levels (Gentle movement, vinyasa and yin)
• 2 Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations (1 in English and 1 in French)
• 3 x Bilingual Guided Morning Meditations
• Bilingual Year Closing & Intention Setting Ceremony
• Bilingual Optional Mala-Making Workshop (Register Here)
Additional spa services (massages, facials, etc…), must be made directly via Spa Eastman, at an additional cost to the retreat fee.

Enhance your experience

  • Private consultations ($): osteopathy, personalized yoga, etc.
  • Complementary treatment program ($).
Angela Boismenu
Angela is a sober yogi, business owner, musician and holistic health practitioner. She draws upon all of her
life experiences (both positive and negative) to spread joy, compassion and gratitude. She strives to live in
service to those in need, using all of her talents and knowledge to meet that goal. Her intention as a holistic
health practitioner, is to share her knowledge of multiple healing modalities, in the hopes that it will lead
others to a more content, fulfilled and healthier life experience. Her goal is to guide others towards a deeper
spiritual practice, a better understanding of themselves, the world and their connection to it, as well as
discover a grounded sense of contentment and joy.

Johanna Toussaint
Johanna Toussaint is a yoga and meditation teacher, professional creative and wellness business owner who
has an unforgettable smile and an obvious passion for sharing healing modalities. Her avid interest and her
strong background in alignment-based Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra are the key ingredients to the
heart-warming guidance she offers with confidence and ease in her classes, workshops, and special events.
The warm, melodious, and soothing tones of her voice are renowned to facilitate deep relaxation and
release that is so valuable and crucial to the body’s own healing and maintenance mechanisms. Johanna’s
passion for learning, emotional ability, and self-development led her to develop a unique and flexible habit
refining program that approaches daily thoughts and actions with kindness and compassion.


Add an extra night to your stay and Spa Eastman will offer you 50% off the Destination Spa package!

Room typeEconomicRegularSuperior with balconySuperior with a view and balconySpacieuse with a view and terrace
3 nights single occupancy$1112$1220$1444$1552$1606
3 nights double occupancy$993$1058$1166$1220$1274