Restore: Ritual & Wellness Retreat



Date: November 29th to December 3rd 2023

The host : Angela Boismenu

Description of the retreat


We’re so excited to return to the rejuvenating sanctuary of the Restore Ritual & Wellness retreat. Enjoy a restorative getaway and celebrate yourself with yoga, ritual, nordic spas, gourmet cuisine, connection, and more!


Join us for an escape from the city and into a unique ritual and wellness experience at the luxurious Spa Eastman. A well-deserved getaway that offers a perfect balance of movement, relaxation, and ritual, all
nestled into the heart of the Eastern Townships.

Daily morning meditations, multiple yoga classes, award-winning cuisine, and breathtaking scenes of nature are planned into each day. Healing time in the Nordic baths, ritual, and time to relax is incorporated throughout the itinerary. Guests will leave with a better understanding of themselves and
their connection to spirit, with a special Ceremony of Honourable Closure for the year end.

This retreat is led by Montreal-Based, Trauma-Informed Naturotherapist Angela Boismenu. Angela has devoted the last decade of her life to the healing arts. As a certified yoga and meditation teacher, she will be offering active yet accessible vinyasa classes, as well as a special chakra balancing yoga practice to best complement the art of ceremony and the healing power of relaxation.

Each year Angela invites an exciting co-teacher to join her on her signature retreat. Back due to popular demand, the Restore 2023 co-teacher will again be Johanna Toussaint!

All yoga classes and meditations will be led in both of Canada’s official languages, cuing one side of the body in English and the other in French. The Yoga Nidra guided meditation sessions will be done individually in both languages.

Always 2SLGBTQIA+ friendly and BIPOC inclusive.

Private Therapeutic Yoga sessions with Angela are available, but must be booked and paid for in advance. Inquire here.

Package Includes
● Accommodations for 4 nights
● Full access to thermotherapy session and saunas
● 4 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 4 Dinners
● 7 Yoga Classes, adapted for all levels (bilingual)
● 2 Yoga Nidra Guided Meditations (1 FR/1 EN)
● 4 Guided Morning Meditations (bilingual)
● Ceremony of Honourable Closure (bilingual)

Recommended Pack List
● Journaling supplies (journal/paper, pens)
● Bathing suit(s)
● Flip-flops/Sandals
● Reusable water bottle
● Weather-proof layers
● Yoga clothes
● Plug adaptors / converters

Basic yoga props will be provided by Spa Eastman. Please feel free to bring your own !

Enhance your experience

  • Private consultations ($): osteopathy, personalized yoga, etc.
  • Complementary treatment program ($).
Angela Boismenu
Angela is a registered Naturotherapist, yoga teacher, and somatic therapy practitioner. She also has ADHD, PTSD, and multiple autoimmune conditions.

Sometimes it’s a struggle, and sometimes it’s not so bad. She has also been living a sober life for almost 10 years.

Her intention as a Naturotherapist is to share the knowledge, tools, and techniques that she’s learned
over the years, in the hopes that it will lead others toward a happier and healthier life experience. Her
services focus mainly on the therapeutic treatment of trauma and its physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms. Through therapeutic yoga, somatic therapy, and microbiome/genomic testing she aims to give her clients functional tools to help them better deal with whatever situation may be at hand, good or bad.

Her personal healing journey began after a severe back injury in the mid 90’s, that left her with limited
mobility and chronic pain. She started to search for something that could give some type of relief. She turned to drugs, alcohol and other self-destructive behaviours in her teens to distract from both her
physical and emotional pain. It took her until her early 40s to figure out that the deep pain she was still
running from wasn’t stemming from any physical issue, but from the psychological wounds and
neurobiological changes that occurred in response to early childhood trauma. This pain first
manifested as anxiety and dissociation, and later on as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, plaque psoriasis, and osteoarthritis. Bessel van der Kolk has it right, the body really does keep the score.*

Living with ADHD, complex PTSD, and myriad health problems hasn’t been easy, but she’s come a long way from that self-medicating twenty-something year old. There is still a long road ahead, but she
keeps walking it, regardless of how daunting it may seem at times. Wholeness and happiness are
possible, they can just take a lot more work to arrive at for those of who have suffered trauma.

Johanna Toussaint
Johanna Toussaint is a yoga and meditation teacher, professional creative and wellness business owner who has an unforgettable smile and an obvious passion for sharing healing modalities.

Her avid interest and her
strong background in alignment-based Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra are the key ingredients to the heart-warming guidance she offers with confidence and ease in her classes, workshops, and special events.

The warm, melodious, and soothing tones of her voice are renowned to facilitate deep relaxation and release that is so valuable and crucial to the body’s own healing and maintenance mechanisms. Johanna’s passion for learning, emotional ability, and self-development led her to develop a unique and flexible habit refining program that approaches daily thoughts and actions with kindness and compassion.
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