Tonique Cuisine® Plant-Based Culinary Program



Date : May 22nd to 24th, 2020

Instructor : Veronica Kaczmarowski

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Workshop details

Here at Spa Eastman, we continue to develop our Tonique Cuisine workshops with the addition of this three-day practical & theoretical workshop: TONIQUE CUISINE® PLANT-BASED CULINARY PROGRAM. It is not necessary to have followed any previous Tonique Cuisine® workshop to participate.

This workshop focuses on an anti-inflammatory, plant-based approach to nutritional health; the many diverse ancestral food preparation techniques which increase digestibility and accessibility to nutrients; as well as prioritizing local, seasonal, and sustainable agriculture.

The TONIQUE CUISINE® PLANT-BASED CULINARY PROGRAM consists of three days of information-brimming conferences, culinary demonstrations, and tastings, practical out-door plant-identification sessions, question & answer periods….all aimed at providing you with the necessary skills and up-to-date information to make lasting, positive changes when you return home.  

The participants will be accompanied throughout the program by Veronica Kaczmarowski, N.D., and Manon Viger, N.D., including during mealtimes at our group tables specially reserved for us.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How to apply biogenic principles when choosing whole food, plant-based ingredients.
  • Ancestral fermentation techniques specific to plant-based nutrition: legumes, cereals, fruits, and vegetables.
  • How to identify the most common and prolific wild foods in your environment.
  • Basic principles of making plant-based « cheeses ».
  • Ancestral practices to increase nutritive value, digestibility, and absorption.

Some of the delicious recipes in our program include (according to availability in our gardens and forest):

  • Dandelion leaf and wild plantain pesto.
  • Seaweed and fiddleheads tartare (collected in our gardens).
  • Socca (fermented chickpea bread) with sage, salt flakes, and artichoke-radicchio salad.
  • Cream-style plant-based « smoked cheddar ».
  • Sprouted quinoa and fresh nettle risotto.
  • Ancient grains porridge with Quebec hempseeds and local pollen.
  • Traditional vegetable ragout with chestnuts and pistou.
  • Tempeh « bacon».
  • ….and more….

Veronica will be joined by our special guest, Manon Viger, an experienced herbalist and naturopath here at Spa Eastman.  Manon will guide us through our gardens and forests as part of her two practical conferences:  Identification of cultivated and wild edible plants and Using plants to increase vitality and well being.

Each participant will receive a booklet of recipes, references, and notes to support their learning experiences, as well as a batch of kefir grains with which to start their own production of kefir water at home.  As with all the courses in our Tonique Cuisine® workshops, the anti-inflammatory principles (as developed and outlined by Dr. Jean Seignalet) are respected in their entirety. 

 « This life-enhancing culinary approach, fortunately, requires only a minimal investment in terms of time, equipment, and food items.  Our goal is to provide you with delicious recipes and simple techniques that can easily be reproduced at home in your own kitchen.  We share well-known author Michael Pollen’s basic principles (1): « Eat real food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants. »  We look forward to you joining us for this joyful celebration of plant-based nutrition….  »

-Veronica Kaczmarowski

1- Michael Pollan, journalist, author, militant and professor of journalism, University of California, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism

Veronica Kaczmarowski
Veronica is a naturopath, nutritherapist, a qualified chef in international cuisine, experienced Wellness coach and public speaker, as well as a consultant in healthy recipe and menu development for the marketplace. 
Prioritizing a global and integrative approach, Veronica works with ancestral food preparation techniques, the anti-inflammatory principles of Dr. Jean Seignalet, and the natural, holistic functioning of the human body. 
Originally from Australia, Veronica spent seven years traveling, living, and working in different cultures and countries around the world, observing traditional culinary practices and lifestyles. 
With 30 years experience and two restaurants, she continues her passion for ‘food as medicine’ here at Spa Eastman, supporting our guests in their discovery of, and transition to, the truly nourishing life they love to lead.           


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