Vertical Growth Retreat :  Depth Before Distance



Date: February 9th to 12th 2023

The hosts : Carl Lemieux & Bhaskar Goswami

Description of the retreat

The Vertical Growth Retreat will give you the tools to tap into the meaning and purpose awaiting to express itself within yourself. One of a kind, the Vertical Growth Retreat is a true developmental journey that fosters: healthy performance through increased presence, a sense of purpose, radical acceptance, and heartfelt human connections.

This retreat will be an opportunity to:

  • deepen your understanding the oldest and the latest research in mindfulness, presence and well-being;
  • experience clarity as a practice to move toward a more intentional and valued way of life;
  • learn how it feels to shift away from unwanted experiences and develop psychological flexibility;
  • connect to yourself and to others in a nourishing and meaningful way;

The retreat will combine the gentle rhythms of mindfulness and yoga practices, experiential teachings, and cognitive/behavioral science-based exercises, woven into various amazing Eastman spa experiences.

Enhance your experience

  • Private consultations ($): osteopathy, personalized yoga, etc.
  • Complementary treatment program ($).

Carl Lemieux
Carl Lemieux is a sought-out speaker and workshop facilitator.  He is also a psychotherapist, an executive coach and seasoned consultant with over 35 years of expertise in strategy, cultural transformation and leadership development. Carl’s strengths lie in developing the potential of humans as they face increasingly complex lives, by (1) enhancing personal mastery and leadership of others (2) using neuroscience and well-researched practices to increase focus (3) deepening levels of connection. He helps them become wiser in their decision-making while they reach greater levels of authenticity and inner peace. 
Carl is a registered psychologist (OPQ), EMBA and a qualified mindfulness teacher (MBSR). In 2022, he published Vertical Grow
Carl speaks both English and French, and lives in Montreal.  Learn more:
[email protected] for more information. 
You can also reach out directly to Carl Lemieux @ 514-862-9438 or [email protected]
Bhaskar Goswami
Bhaskar Goswami is an acclaimed speaker and a senior yoga and meditation teacher from Assam, India. He is an embodiment specialist dedicated to helping people access the wisdom of their bodies through mindfulness practises. Bhaskar is the founder of BODHI, an organization offering genuine well-being to people in homes, businesses, schools and special care centres. Bhaskar has published two international albums, Open Yoga and Wisdom Stories and is the author of Wisdom Stories – Book 1.
Bhaskar has a Masters Honors in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham (England) and a 10-year international engineering career. He lives in Montreal (Canada) with his family of three children.

In the enchanting setting of the Oasis

Discover these pavilions

This retreat takes place in one of the Oasis pavilions founded on the best principles of sustainable development, in the heart of nature. In addition to its beautiful glass room, this pavilion offers an infrared sauna, a 4-season solarium and a roof terrace.

Sleep in the Oasis

By choosing an Oasis room, you will be accommodated in the establishment where all the workshops of the retreat will be held, allowing you to settle down completely.

Room typeÉconomicRegularOasisSuperiorSuperior mountain viewSpacious mountain view
3-night single occupancy1147$1258$1344$1458$1582$1625$
3-night double occupancy1037$1093$1137$1191$1255$1274$