At Spa Eastman, the Art of Living is an ability to guide one’s choices, activities, beliefs towards the search for health (physical and mental), balance and well-being.

The wellness pillars of Spa Eastman

1 ~ Nature

We have known intuitively, for millennia, that Nature does us good. And now, thanks to studies done all over the world, we know that nature reduces stress, anxiety levels, depressive states, attention deficit disorders, as well as an improvement in the cardiovascular, nervous and immunity, reflexive and cognitive abilities and… an increased life expectancy.

You will be able to experience this pillar with:

– Our 323 acres of land
– Our wooded trails where it is good to breathe
– Our outdoor spaces to rest
– A splendid land with its forest cover, its panorama and its breathtaking view of Mount Orford, its streams and water points.
And…our air that tastes good, in all seasons

2 ~ Nutrition

Food is the starting point of a healthy life. However, making a change at the end of your fork can be daunting. We are afraid of restricting ourselves, of losing our appetite. There is however a way to have a conscious diet, to give the right nutrients to our body while keeping this pleasure.

This fundamental pillar is based on our renowned Tonique Cuisine. Each package includes 3 fine dining meals per day

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Des vacances mieux-être dans un centre de villégiature près de Magog

3 ~ Mouvement

We all know the benefits of physical activity on our physical and mental health, but how do we incorporate a little more into it every day? How to set realistic goals in order to maintain them as long as possible?

Our promise is to offer you the perfect setting to move – and learn to move – in happiness thanks to:

– More than 4 daily activities in our trails, baths and rooms
– Our 15 km of trails in the forest
– Our consultations with kinesiologists

4 ~ Breathing

What keeps us alive is our breath. The first food that allows our body to stay alive is not food, it is oxygen.
Your lungs will be filled with:
– The location of our estate in the heart of nature
– Our 15 km of natural hiking trails
– Our various workshops, such as Shirin Yoku and voice yoga

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Everything affects breathing and breathing affects everything.

5 ~ Relaxation

Gentle self-care promises pleasant health benefits. Most of the time, we have been conditioned to think that taking care of our health requires many sacrifices, deprivations, and obligations. However, the words “relaxation”, “pleasure” and “warmth” are also honored in our wellness approach.

Your body will relax (finally!) by enjoying:

– Our thermotherapy facilities
– Our diversity of massages offered
– Our aesthetic treatments

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6 ~ Education

The brain is a magnificent machine that is always trying to create meaning. Thus, to operate the change in habits, experimentation, but also understanding, our conferences come to guide your approach.

We support you during your stay, but also by giving you tools to guide you after your visit, with:

– Our various wellness conferences

– Our thematic retreats led by wellness experts, such as healthy eating, physical activity, mindfulness, creativity, and more.

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All-inclusive packages

Vacation that breath simplicity

A room in one of our 7 pavilions

All our pavilions have their own personality. Their charm is undeniable.

3 Tonique Cuisine meals per day

Gourmet and healthy cuisine to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Unlimited access to the calendar of activities and conferences

You could do a morning yoga session, an initiation to thermotherapy before lunch and a wellness conference after dinner.

Unlimited access to 15 km of private trails in the forest

Perfect for filling up on the great outdoors.

Our gym allows you to keep, or (re)get in shape

Why not schedule a consultation with one of our kinesiologists.

Complete thermotherapy facilities

Do one (or more) hot-cold-rest cycle.

Add a treatment to your stay if your package does not include one

Choose from our range of more than 70 treatments


To yourself, your nature

Want to taste our Art of living?

Our retreats and packages are a global approach in the search for balance and health. During your stay, you will fill up with energy in your body and emptiness in your head. You will also have all the tools and knowledge you need to continue your process smoothly at home.