This Christmas, let’s celebrate kindness

When you buy a special somebody the gift of a visit to Spa Eastman you’re offering so much more than a pleasant experience and a good massage. The recipient discovers the joys and benefits of the ‘art of living’! You’re also contributing to that person’s well-being and feelings of happiness, well into the future.


As a reward for your generosity, Spa Eastman will offer a 4-night Holistic Retreat worth $1,729, to one client out of all
who buy a $100 (or more) gift card. The offer is valid from November 19, 2021 to January 10, 2022 (see the rules here).

Offer wellness

The more you spoil yourself, the more we reward you!

Three ways to offer the gift of wellness

…and enter the contest!

A one-day package

A value from $117 to $205

Three featured packages:

  • Meals (lunch or dinner), access to the baths and activities
  • Massage, access to the baths and activities
  • Meals (lunch or dinner), massage, access to the baths and activities

An all-inclusive stay

A value from $1077 to $3180

Three featured stays :

  • 3-night all-inclusive stay
  • 5-night all-inclusive stay
  • 7-night all-inclusive stay

A gift card

from $100

This gift card can be applied towards the following:

  • All-inclusive stays (packages and retreats)
  • Baths and activities packages
  • Treatments, massages and consultations
  • The Boutique on site

The exceptional value of a Spa Eastman gift card!

Worth much more than just the Nordic baths…

Our retreats and packages are designed around an all-encompassing approach to balance and health. Our guests have access to naturopathic health check-ups and can benefit from the services of passionate professionals (such as kinesiologists and naturopaths), as well as attend lectures and activities that teach them how to take care of their bodies and minds.

We are situated in a stunning natural environment and our cuisine – the Tonique Cuisine™ – provides dinners with an extraordinary culinary experience. Our sophisticated dishes are colourful and tasty. They help to promote a good night’s sleep, leaving you bursting with energy

Offer a personalized gift card in 5 steps

By purchasing your gift card online, you will receive a gift card in your email to customize!

It is simple:

1. Download the template of the card to personalize

2.Print the card in ”double-sided” mode

3. Cut out the card

4. Fill-in all the blanks

5. Put it in a nice envelope

Then…give it to your loved one!

You have questions?

Rest assured, here are some frequently asked questions:

Are gift cards physical or digital?


By purchasing the gift card online, it is sent directly to your email (we even thought about including a card to personalize yourself to give to your loved one).

To receive a physical gift card, you must call us at 450-297-3009 (please note that there is a delay for delivery and postage fee for this option).

On which services can gift cards be applied?

On all the services offered by Spa Eastman. Whether on all-inclusive stays, one-day access, massages and treatments, restaurant meals, etc. No matter which package you choose, the recipient can apply it to any other service.

Example: you buy a one-day package, but your loved one wants to come for an all-inclusive stay, the amount of the gift card will be deducted from the amount of their stay!

Does the gift card have an expiration date?

No, the purchased monetary value does not expire.

Buy this priceless gift now

… and you’ll be eligible to win a Holistic Retreat!  

To join us : 450 297-3009