The powerful benefits of hydrotherapy

Thermotherapy aims to create a sense of well-being by alternately exposing oneself to heat and cold.

All-inclusive stays, thematic retreats, as well as day packages include unlimited access to our thermotherapy space, named Eastman-les-Bains in a nod to French thermal spas.

Robes and towels are provided to you at no extra cost.

3 steps to maximize the benefits

The benefits of the alternating between hot and cold have been recognized for hundreds of years in several countries. To derive the maximum benefits, it is essential to adhere to some basic principles.

Have you never experienced thermotherapy, or would you like to learn more about best practices? Join the ‘Optimizing Your Thermotherapy Experience’ activity, held several times a week on the activities calendar.

Step 1 – Heat

15 to 30 minutes

To use the cold, you must be exposed to heat. The hot facilities help eliminate toxins accumulated in your body and assist in relieving mental fatigue, muscle tension, and stress.

Infrared sauna – Infrared heat causes sweating 3 to 6 times more than a traditional sauna. Numerous medical studies praise its effectiveness against dermatological conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and hives. It also promotes the elimination of heavy metals in the body.

Finnish sauna – The dry heat of the Finnish sauna provides a total sense of well-being, relieves tired muscles, and helps alleviate mental fatigue, tension, and stress. Arthritic pain is are reduced, and the immune system is stimulated.

Hammam – The hammam is recommended after muscle activity for the relaxation it provides to the muscles and the relief of aches and ligament pains.

Outdoor Hot Tubs – Our two outdoor baths are both the exquisite step of a thermotherapy session and the perfect complement to a day of relaxation and care.

Guided ”Stretching sessions” take place in hot water. Check our activities calendar for more information.

My body was eliminating the toxins and heavy metals I had accumulated throughout my mining career.

– Gilbert Simard, Bath Attendant at Spa Eastman

Step 2 – Cold

A few seconds to 1 minute

Generally, when we say ‘hot,’ people are happy, but when we say ‘cold,’ they like it less. Yet, of the two, it is the cold that provides the most benefits. This step helps lower body temperature, strengthens the immune system, and improves blood circulation.

For this step, your breath is your best ally; it’s important to focus on your breath to avoid tensing up.

Ecological pond – We invite you to enjoy our ecological pond, delightful in every season. The pure water will leave your skin softer than it has ever been.

This step can be intimidating. Why not participate in our ‘Introduction to Thermotherapy’ activity on the calendar? The strength of the group and the confidence felt when accompanied can help step out of one’s comfort zone and recognize what feels good.

Kneipp circuit (cold plunges) – We have two Kneipp basins, a German technique of alternating hot/cold; one for the legs and one for the arms.

The leg basin contributes to the well-being of heavy and tired legs. It helps alleviate circulatory problems, predisposes to relaxation, and improves sleep.

The arm bath, on the other hand, can promote the regulation of pressure, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and may put an end to headaches and migraines.

Step 3 – Rest

From 20 minutes to …how you’re feeling it

The contrast between hot and cold induces blood circulation. Your heart will beat faster. The relaxation moment is important because it’s at this moment that your metabolism will return to normal. You might be tempted to skip this step, but it’s important for the body to benefit from the session.

Relaxing rooms – Offering a breathtaking view of Mount Orford, our 2 rest areas allow you to nap after your thermotherapy circuit. Whether for reading a book, meditating, or… sleeping, you’ll be comfortably settled to laze around.

A little extra

Igloo shower

Not considered one of the steps of thermotherapy, the Igloo shower will invigorate you for the rest of the day with its refreshing scent. Its fine mist of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils has an anti-inflammatory effect.


Our two pools; indoor (heated) and outdoor (open in the summer season only) offer you the opportunity to spend some time swimming gently or relaxing poolside.

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