Thermal Experience


To make a small wink to the French spas, we named our section of thermotherapy “Eastman-Les-Bains”. All packages with accommodation, as well as our day packages, include unlimited access to “Eastman-Les-Bains”. Bathrobes and towels are provided at no additional cost, to access the baths during your stay. Surrender yourself to the benefits of hot and cold!


The benefits of alternating hot and cold have long been recognized in many countries. To get the maximum benefits, it is essential to respect the basic principles:

HOT: detoxifies the body and helps relieve mental fatigue, muscle tension, and stress.
COLD: Decreases body temperature, strengthens the immune system, and improves blood circulation.
REST: Maximizes the benefits of previous steps.

HYDRATION: Resumption of electrolytes lost due to sweating.

Infrared Sauna

The heating elements of the infrared sauna act by radiation, like the Sun, but without emitting ultraviolet rays. Infrared heat causes sweat 3-6 times more than a traditional sauna. This heavy perspiration helps the skin breathe better. Its blood supply is thereby also improved. Tense muscles get relieved of their toxins and soften.

Many medical studies demonstrate its effectiveness against dermatological diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, and hives. It favors the elimination of heavy metals in the body. It is also an excellent complement to weight loss efforts. Finally, it helps athletes to quickly eliminate the accumulated lactic acid after exercise.

Finnish Sauna

The dry heat of the Finnish sauna provides a feeling of total well-being, relieves tired muscles, and helps relieve mental fatigue, tension, and stress. Arthritis pain is mitigated and the immune system is stimulated.

The skin regains its shine and skin problems such as psoriasis and acne are reduced. The Finnish sauna also helps to remove toxins through sweating, as well as relief of sinus congestion while promoting restful sleep.

Beneficial after exercise, it is the perfect ally to weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.


The hammam provides effective and beneficial relaxation for a restful sleep. It promotes the evacuation of body waste such as chemicals absorbed by the air, water, or food, as well as toxic residues of certain metabolic processes. This detoxification results in general wellbeing. It is also useful in the treatment of various skin conditions. We add eucalyptus essential oils for it’s soothing and decongestant properties.

The hammam is recommended after exercising for the relaxation and relief of muscle soreness and ligament pain.

Outdoor Spas

Leading figures of Eastman-Les-Bains, our two outdoor spas are an exquisite step in a thermotherapy session and the perfect complement to a day of treatments and relaxation.

Summer and winter alike, the temperature of the two spas are slightly different in order to suit all tastes and needs.

Guided sessions of stretching in warm water take place in the upper spa on a regular basis. Check our schedule of activities to find the next session!

Indoor pool

Open all year round, our indoor swimming pool offers you the opportunity to spend a few moments swimming gently there or to relax around it. Some calendar activities also take place there, such as aquayoga and aquafitness.

Outdoor pool

Here, swimming and relaxing reign supreme!

Offer yourself a meditative moment facing Mont Orford, breathing the pure air of the Eastern Townships. The nearby forest naturally sends you the scent of the essential oils of its many species of conifers.

What a decor for your next session of aqua-gym!

In 3, 2, 1 …

Une retraite mieux-être au Québec

Kneipp Circuit

At Spa Eastman, we have two Kneipp baths, a German hot/cold technique; one for the legs, and one for the arms. Each offers particular benefits. The one for the legs contributes to the well-being and soothes heavy and tired legs. It helps with circulatory problems, predisposes to relaxation, and improves sleep.

The arm bath can help to regularize the pressure, increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and may eliminate headaches and migraines. It stimulates the system which is why we suggest a 2-hour pause between the arm and leg Kneipp baths.

Igloo Shower

The polar drizzle of the Igloo shower and its fine mist of essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus have an anti-inflammatory effect. Its refreshing scent will energize you for the rest of the day!

Ecologic pond

We invite you to enjoy our ecological pond, delicious in any season. Perfect for swimming in the summer and ideal as a cold step in the winter. Pure water will make your skin soft as it has never been. All without moisturizer! Do not hesitate to relax on the quay while admiring the magnificent view!

Discover the power of thermotherapy on your next stay

An all-inclusive stay

Make the most of your vacation in wellness mode thanks to our calendar proposing to move in happiness and to learn in benevolence, our nature trails, our gourmet and healthy cuisine, as well as our thermotherapy facilities. Your well-deserved vacation!