Tonique Cuisine®

The taste of happiness

Our renowned Tonique Cuisine offers a surprisingly anti-inflammatory gastronomic experience. The focus on fresh ingredients, the balance between flavor and nutrients, along with mastery in cooking, ensures table d’hôte experiences that are both nutritious and delectable.

Increased energy levels;

Inflammation reduction;

Improved sleep;

Better weight management;

Cancer risks preventions.

The principles that unite pleasure and health

It is well-known that our diet has the power to transform our quality of life. Without sacrificing taste or pleasure, Tonique Cuisine incorporates the following principles:

– Low carbohydrate content (sugars)
– High-quality fat content (good fats)
– Gluten-free
– Dairy-free protein
– Cooking animal protein at low temperatures
– Priority given to local, organic, high-quality, and unprocessed products
– Inclusion of lacto-fermentations
– Inclusion of sprouts and germinations

– Jocelyna Dubuc, founder and president of Spa Eastman

Global Culinary Travel Awards 2022

Best Emphasis on Wellness & Health in Culinary Travel

This award confirms Spa Eastman’s leadership position as a health destination in Canada.

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Individual experiences of 3 nights or more, at a time to suit you. Several packages are specially designed with private treatments and consultations to suit your needs and goals.

Themed seminars, led by health and wellness experts, are held on specific dates and generally welcome groups of 8 and more.