Osteopathy consultation


Osteopathy is a “manual approach” whose main therapeutic goal is to restore the mobility and functions of the body by treating the causes of pain, symptoms and functional disorders.

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The objective of the professional practice of osteopathy is to set in motion the structures of the body (bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, organs, viscera, cranial sutures, etc.) which are in restrictions which allow a release of the blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes metabolic exchanges between all the systems of your body. This also allows better interrelations and regulations between the different systems of the human body. To do this, the patient is always treated in its entirety. Osteopathic techniques are innumerable and different from one person to another. The osteopath will adapt to each person and will use a unique approach every time.

Christian Dulac, D.O.

Working in the field of osteopathy and kinesiology for almost a decade, Christian has boundless curiosity and is eager to learn more about the human being as a whole. His personal quest and studies led him to see holistically the Being and all the facets with which he walks. Posture, movement, quality of life, environment, habits, well-being, performance, nothing is left to chance. With the help of osteopathy, kinesiology, and aromatherapy, Christian will help you get where you want and can be.

Whether it’s recovering from an injury or preventing an injury, improving your quality of life by reducing pain, helping your nervous system better respond to stress and better manage stress, improve your quality of sleep, to move better, to promote good digestion, a night of better sleep and recuperation or any other objective, care and relevant tools based on the osteopathic principles will be provided to you and this, in an approach halfway between heart, art, body, and science. Life IS Movement.

Note: The duration of a consultation varies according to the nature of the situation.

Duration60 min.
Osteopathy consultation110$