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“Emotionnal Freedom Technique” Consultation

Emotional Freedom Technique Consultation with Francine Robert, Teacher of awakening the body through movement, Fascia MDB The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a powerful tool that unites acupuncture (without needles) psychology and thinking.

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a powerful tool that unites acupuncture (without needles) psychology and thinking.

Recent studies show how our physiological systems are influenced by our emotional states and our patterns of thought. Everything is intimately connected and indivisible. The purpose of this approach is to remove the unconscious blockages that create a permanent state of stress in the body: Compounds of beliefs, behaviors, and limiting thoughts that become real obstacles to inner peace, harmony, and healing. To target these repetitive patterns, relieve pain, and restore personal integrity in all aspects (mental, emotional, and physical ) private support is offered to you by our expert EFT practitioner.


MDB fasciatherapy (Danis Bois method) is a preventive alternative medicine addressing the body in an unknown depth and this with a therapeutic touch. Fascia is omnipresent in the body. It is a tiny skin who encompasses everything: muscles, bones, organs, tendons, from edge to depth. Real adaptation system who’s reacting at everything that we live as much on the physical, psychological, emotional, or psychic plan. Everything transits toward this communication track “highway” transmitting his messages before the brain takes them over, so often without our knowledge. The benefits are numerous:

  • Relaxation of nervous system
  • Symptom relief
  • Biggest self-presence
  • Clarification of thoughts and feelings
  • Vitality and Solidity
  • Sensation of self-renewal, etc.
Francine Robert
Francine Robert has been interested in body language since 1973, Yoga, shiatsu, rebirth, do-in, fasciatherapy had been part of her professional approach. Member of the APSFQ: Professional Association of Somato-Educational Psychologist and Fasciatherapist of Quebec.

Over the years in the field of the body, the living and the now had become for her the essential of a dynamic to share by which is expressly VITALITY, SOLIDARITY, JOY, and SELF-PRESENCE. It is this passion of the lessons of “body inhabited” that she shares with you through conference under different themes like love, healing, relation, life path and the different process of self-reunion


Hypnosis therapy is intended to give the person access to her less exploit resources and help the person to activate their strengths. Most of the psychological theories consider that a lot of personal and relational problems have their source in the unconscious. It is in the unconscious that are stocked hundred thousand data that control a large part of our existence. The hypnotherapist invites the unconscious to let go of his damaging thoughts and replace them with fairer ideas or some that correspond better to his values. The person who signs up in a therapeutic process can expect to have more than one appointment and the following can be done online with the therapist if the client has completed his stay at the spa.

Samuel Ledoux
Samuel Ledoux is a hypnotherapist, and he has completed his formation of practitioner in therapeutic hypnosis and, after that, the one of the technicians in humanist hypnosis. Samuel is doing his master in therapeutic hypnosis, and he is supervisor at school of therapeutic and medical hypnosis. Furthermore, he is a member of the National Association of Naturopaths (NAN).
He’s passionate about personal development and he is fascinated by the psychological aspect of human. His desire to understand himself better lead his gaze inward, what makes him discover meditation and hypnosis. The problems that he treats with his clients are weight management, anxiety symptom management and dependance.

Dream Decoding and personalized consultations

Find keywords to make of your dream an incredible tool of transformation. Messages are at a lot of levels: health, relations, self-image, deep sense of our life, messages from a missing loved one, revelations etc.

Nicole Dumont
Nicole Dumont has worked for years in the field of personal growth as facilitator, speaker, author, and personal coach. She as always kept a special place in her life for yoga, that she considers like an art of living.
Her approach his simple and concrete. She always takes into count of the multiple aspects of the person. She transmits with generosity and passion the discoveries that had changed her quality of life on all levels. She has followed lots of Yoga formations and she is a member of the Francophone Yoga Federation. She provides, class and conferences at Spa Eastman since 2006.

Duration60 min.90 min.
Emotional Freedom Technique consultation- 134$
Dream Decoding82$-