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Emotional Freedom Technique Consultation with Francine Robert, Teacher of awakening the body through movement, Fascia MDB The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a powerful tool that unites acupuncture (without needles) psychology and thinking.

The Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is a powerful tool that unites acupuncture (without needles) psychology and thinking.

Recent studies show how our physiological systems are influenced by our emotional states and our patterns of thought. Everything is intimately connected and indivisible. The purpose of this approach is to remove the unconscious blockages that create a permanent state of stress in the body: Compounds of beliefs, behaviors, and limiting thoughts that become real obstacles to inner peace, harmony, and healing. To target these repetitive patterns, relieve pain, and restore personal integrity in all aspects (mental, emotional, and physical ) private support is offered to you by our expert EFT practitioner.

Francine Robert, teacher of awakening the body through movement, fascia MDB

Member of APSFQ : Association professionnelle des somato-psychopédagogues et fasciathérapeutes du Québec.

Francine Robert is interested in body language since 1973. Yoga, shiatsu, rebirth, do-in, fasciatherapy were part of her professional approach. Over the years the reality of the body, the here and now has become essential for her in a dynamic by which she wishes to share; VITALITY; STRENGTH, JOY, and SELF-PRESENCE. This passion is reflected in her many conferences on various topics of Life: Love, healing, relationship, the way of life, etc.


When coaching consultation, Lisette Prince accompanies you in a structured discussion to explore the whole of your experience related to your issue. It uses clever and targeted means to offer a conceptual framework that will help you see your reality with new possibilities. By the presence and active listening, it will decode that words alone fail to express. Each individual has its color and flavor and holds itself an infinite source of possibilities to evolve.

You will leave with a better understanding of yourself and with concrete tools. You will be able to develop new ways of being and doing to achieve the best of yourself.

“For a deep and lasting change, we must have the courage to question! “

Who is Lisette Prince?

The last 25 years have allowed me to live in contexts equally challenging and demanding. My experience in interior design and in education circles has given me the privilege to understand what inspires and makes sense, is a key driver to achieving the human being. Today professional coach, mother of 2 young successful adults and with the same partner for nearly 30 years, is rich in my daily work-family challenges, active listening, and personal questions!

I am trained as a professional coach in integral development of New Ventures West / Convivium and recognized by the International Coach Federation. I also attended several courses related to the field of education and human development. This knowledge allows me to offer the fruit of my experience to people in their personal and professional life in a framework of structured interventions.

Hope to help you in your journey!


Duration90 min.
Emotional Freedom Technique consultation134$
Integral development coaching consultation154$