Revealing your voice


Revealing your voice is an opportunity to resonate with your true being through song, fostering greater self-understanding and a deeper connection with others and the surrounding environment.

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What is the “Revealing Your Voice” treatment?

It’s a singing-centered approach that focuses on listening as a way of connecting with one’s own voice. The aim of this practice is to enable each individual to discover and explore his or her inner voice, promoting harmonization with themselves.

This approach to singing is not limited to vocal performance, but aims to create an inner space where authentic expression can manifest itself. It encourages the exploration of the voice as a deeply personal yet universal means of communication, enabling each individual to express themselves with clarity and sincerity.

How is the treatment applied?

  1. 1. Greeting and introduction: Clients meet the practitioner where they are introduced to the “Revealing your voice” approach, emphasizing the importance of listening to and connecting with your own voice to promote inner and outer harmonization.
  2. 2. Needs assessment: The practitioner discusses with the client to understand their goals, concerns and specific needs. This discussion helps to personalize the session and select the most appropriate exercises for each client.
  3. 3. Specific voice exercises: Based on the School of Voice Revealing, the practitioner guides the client through a series of specific singing exercises. These exercises are selected according to the client’s needs and abilities.

What are the results of the treatment?

By releasing the veils that hinder the resonance of our inner voice, this process promotes inner rebalancing and harmonization with our innermost being. These exercises lead to deep relaxation and inner calm, thanks to breathing work such as huming, which stimulates the wave nerves.

The vocal frequencies emitted impact the body’s water, promoting a more orderly structure and therefore better health. This approach invites us to be the revealer of our own sound, opening us up to listening and to the space around us.

Who is this treatment intended for?

This treatment is designed to meet the needs of a variety of profiles, with a particular focus on people who:

  • think they don’t have a voice, or think they sing out of tune, but discover that they can sing;
  • have previous singing experience, but are looking for a fresh approach, a different way of exploring their voice;
  • feel stressed, anxious, tired or overwhelmed, and for whom reconnecting with their voice and breathing can help them regain balance by harmonizing with themselves.

This treatment adapts to each individual, offering tools and techniques that encourage exploration, discovery and rebalancing, whatever the person’s skill level or initial emotional state.

This gentle, natural approach brings a great sense of calm. The voice is not forced, but the body is allowed to let the sound flow through it. Cécile is patient, encouraging and adapts well to the student’s level. At the end of the session, you feel happy, relaxed and energized!
Sylvie, customer

Cécile Allemand
Cécile Allemand is a passionate and experienced artist, specializing in singing and trained at the School of the Revealing Voice, founded by Mrs. Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström. Her artistic career is rich and varied, including private lessons, practice with pianist, choral singing and master classes with the school’s renowned teacher, Christiaan Boele, all over the world, notably in Finland, California and Germany. She brilliantly presented a solo recital in California on July 14, 2007, marking her graduation and the award of a diploma at the end of this memorable event. In 2010, she also completed a master’s degree in choral conducting at the Université de Sherbrooke.
With 17 years’ experience in a variety of teaching contexts, including choirs (including one in Eastman, the Chœur Libre Voix), private lessons, weekend workshops, as well as teaching in training courses and pedagogical seminars, Cécile has acquired extensive and diversified expertise in the field of singing and music pedagogy. She pursues her professional development through ongoing training with her mentor, Christiaan Boele, who speaks regularly in Quebec, where she currently resides.

With an unwavering commitment to the art of singing and music education, Cécile Allemand strives to inspire and guide her students in their exploration of voice and music, encouraging them to reach their full artistic and expressive potential.
Duration60 min.
Revealing your voice82$