Somatic care and energy release



The goal of the somatic approach is to fully inhabit one’s body and feelings by developing the ability to release emotional, physical and energetic burdens.

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We carry a wealth of information within us, but we often lose touch with our inner wisdom. When we bring body, mind and spirit together in a safe environment, our inner essence guides the opening up of new perspectives, the creation of new connections and profound liberations.

Session sequence

A session takes place mostly seated, comfortably opposite the facilitator/coach. It begins with an anchoring exercise, which enables the client to find a form of resource within themselves, a safe space from which to explore.

With eyes closed, the facilitator/coach guides the client through the exploration of charges in the form of sensations. Gentle, organic movements may be suggested in order to move out of a state of immobility caused by an old trauma, or simply to support the release of a charge. Movements are always assisted, and are slow and gentle to encourage awareness.

The benefits of a session

The aim of the somatic approach is to enable you to fully inhabit your body and your feelings, by developing the ability to release the emotional, physical and energetic charges that accumulate in your tissues. After a session, you’ll feel unified (body-soul-mind), your nervous system calm and self-regulated. You feel empowered. You’ll feel a sense of peace, and great strength will be reborn, having lived in this great connection to the intelligence of your bodies.

A unifying treatment, filled with kindness to enable us to be in harmony with our whole being.
Annie Langlois

For over 15 years, Annie has been interested in the path of the soul, natural medicine, the self-regulation of the nervous system and, above all, the power of self-healing intrinsic to every human being. In addition to training facilitators/coaches in conscious breathing, Annie accompanies people in private practice to rediscover the “body-soul-spirit” connection so as to release the charges accumulated in the body using the somatic approach, creative breathing and intuitive visualization.
Annie Langlois is a wellness entrepreneur, author, mentor and spiritual guide. She is the co-founder of the popular website and is recognized as a leader in the field of Conscious Breathing, commonly known as “breathwork”.
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Duration60 min.
Somatic care and energy release140$