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Fitness assessment

It is now possible to know the high points as well as those you need to improve concerning your physical fitness! With the help of your computerized «Canadian Physitest» profile, you will know more as to what aspects need improving.

You will be evaluated on the following points: to assess current fitness levels relative to your age, to evaluate your appropriate exercise starting point, to identify areas of health and injury risks with possible referral to the appropriate health professional, to establish goals and provide motivation, to aid in the development of an exercise program for a future consultation at Spa Eastman or at your own gym, to evaluate progress. Here are a few of the tests you will have to do: Body Mass Index, Body Composition (Body-fat distribution), Cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max), Strength and muscular endurance, Flexibility. The results will help you to make the right decisions in the choice of your physical fitness activities. Whether you are a novice or an advanced athlete, it is always pertinent to know your physical fitness profile.

Personnalized program

A physical fitness specialist will allow you to experience a personal training session adapted to your tastes and needs. These fitness sessions can be adapted to each individual: whether you are an athlete or someone who simply wishes to improve their physical fitness. Swiss ball workout; muscular work out; running; stretching; aqua-form (muscular exercises in our pool); localized exercises (abs-buttocks); specific exercises for back problems.

Private training or Follow-up

During these 60 minutes meeting with a kinesiologist, a personalized training will be proposed to you depending on your physical conditions and your interests. A lot of options are possible: complete or specific training at the gym or outside, Aquafit, stretching, running, therapeutic exercises, etc. The intensity of the session will be dictated by you and the Kinesiologist role is to propose a session that will be a challenge for you but also, fun and in pleasure. The follow-up in person or in virtual is also available to adjust and modify the training that was submitted beforehand. We prioritize the change of this training at each 4 to 6 weeks.

Private consultation in aqua stretching

The assisted stretching and the mobilization in hot water, nothing better to relax all the muscles of the body and improve your range of motion! First, the professional uses the PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) method that consist to an alternance of muscular contractions and releases/stretching. In a second time, let you gently rocked during the different joint mobilization done by the kinesiologist.

Body analysis

The Tanita instrument is a world first that combines the latest wireless technology with Tanita’s advanced segmental bioelectrical impedance analysis technology.

The instrument offers 10 full-body measurements in addition to detailed segmentation readings of body fat and muscle mass percentage from the trunk, each arm, and each leg, using foot and hand electrodes. This in-depth information is especially useful when you want to monitor muscle balance or facilitate recovery from injury. These measurements represent the physical condition very well: it’s like taking a ‘metabolic picture’ of your body.

The results once interpreted, provide a wealth of information about your physical and metabolic condition, to get a general idea of ​​your level of health. The consultation in the kinesiology of body analysis is of a duration of 20 minutes, including the analysis with the impedance balance as well as the interpretation of your results with the kinesiologist.

Audrey Blais-Lebel
Graduated in kinesiology at Sherbrooke University, Audrey has an interest in stress management and fir the interaction between physical activities and mental health trouble. Passionate about nutrition, education axed on the wellness, she will teach you the movement art in the pleasure through her activities and dynamic conferences accessible to everybod
With her experience as a naturalist guide at la SÉPAQ, and at Canada Parks, Audrey has a true passion for nature. Her strong interest in intervention and sensibilization to the public will amaze you and bring back your inner child. Empathetic and smiling, don’t hesitate to talk to ever whenever you want to.
Claudie Laberge
Claudie Laberge graduated in kinesiology from Sherbrooke University, and she has more than 800 hours of formation in teaching yoga and meditation, she is passionate about nature, human development and increasing health by motion. She is studying ancient science like Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, medicine wheel and do the bridge with the occidental science notions to offer an approach of holistic health. She knows to adapt her guidance with accuracy depending on the specific needs of individuals
She is a great listener, so Claudie will know how to accompany you with kindness during your stay, to offer you private or semi-private yoga, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness meditation, and/or personalized training consultations.
Raphaël Morin
Graduated in kinesiology and in college education at Sherbrooke University, Raphaël is passionate about education, human movement, outdoors, psychology and healthy holistic habits. Coach, physical trainer, therapist in cognitive behavioral therapy and certified yoga teacher, he guides, facilitates, and teach with an energic, authentic and caring presence.
His therapeutic approach aims to soften the body and the mind, open you up to new perspectives to overcome with agility everyday challenges. Work with Raphaël, it is surpassing your limits and give a sense to what you do. It is harmonizes your body by adopting a responsible attitude

Therapeutic exercices

Are you suffering from recurring pain or an old injury?

Our physical rehabilitation therapist can design personalized exercises to counteract the pain and help you to improve your :

  • Flexibility
  • Muscle power
  • Mobility
  • Balance
  • Posture
  • Range of movement

Whether you have joint pain or limited movement in your shoulders, back, hips, knees or other bodily parts, our specialist will be able to advise you on how to gently ease (or even abolish) the aches emanating from the areas of discomfort.

Abandon your reliance on medication. The solution is exercise!

Simon Rousseau
After following a course on Physiotherapy Techniques at Sherbrooke’s Cégep (similar to a community college) in 2019, Rousseau graduated from Sherbrooke University with a Bachelor’s degree (BA) in Kinesiology (2022). He is currently furthering his education (also at Sherbrooke University), studying Therapeutic Exercise at a graduate level.

Simon has a strong interest in the biomechanics of the human body and the musculoskeletal system. A competitive weightlifter, his goal is to work with you on areas of bodily discomfort, in order to enable you to once more perform your daily tasks – easily and without aches and pains
Durée30 min.60 min.90 min.
Fitness assessment - 1st appointment--123$
Fitness assessment - Follow-up-82$-
Personnalized program-82$-
Private training or program-82$-
Private consultation in aqua stretching-82$-
Body analysis40$--
Therapeutic exercices-82$-