Pain management through mindfulness



Mindfulness – a heightened awareness of the present moment – is an effective tool for combating pain and suffering.

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Minimize the effects of pain on your body

Mindfulness – a heightened awareness of the present moment – is an effective tool for combating pain and suffering. By learning how to closely observe your thoughts and reactions, you can minimize the effects of pain on your body and greatly improve your quality of life.

The practice of mindfulness is known to better manage stress, reduce anxiety and heighten the awareness of what is going on in your body, as well as creating a more consistent feeling of wellbeing. Studies show that mindfulness helps to reduce the intensity of pain and its unpleasant side effects. It does not abolish the pain per se. Rather, what the practice teaches us is to understand and realize that while you might feel pain, you don’t always have to suffer it at the same level as before.

This approach helps us to cope with pain through observing our thoughts and reactions and acknowledging unpleasant sensations without letting them dominate everything we do. By employing that strategy, we can improve our quality of life and even lift our spirits. It brings the realization that even if you’re in pain, you can choose how to live your life according to your deepest values. Mindfulness is particularly effective if you have long-term pain or a chronic health condition.

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Julie Senécal
Julie Senécal is passionate about helping people to achieve wellness through teaching them about mindfulness and the beneficial effects it can have on their lifestyle. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s degree in sports psychology and is a certified mindfulness and experiential meditation instructor. As well, she is trained in pain management through mindfulness and is also a professional yoga teacher.
Julie’s holistic approach is informed by a number of scientifically-based mindfulness programs – a solid foundation of research that allows her to establish the most effective ways to support and help her clients. She does so in a number of authentic, simple ways – teaching them certain techniques (such as mindfulness), meditation or yoga – always dispensing her wisdom in a gentle, compassionate manner.
Duration60 min90 min
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