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Yoga Private Lesson

Soft Yoga, dynamic yoga, therapeutic yoga

Yoga private consultations allow to adapt Yoga to your condition, your need, and your rhythm. Chronic pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, muscular tensions, and other conditions will be addressed, if you already practice yoga, there’s the possibility to go deeper in an aspect of this discipline. You are a beginner and do not know where to start (or restart), you will be guide and support.

Therapeutic yoga

Yoga therapy is the utilization of the tools and the yoga experience accompanied by actual scientific knowledge to prevent, maintain, or regain a balance of body and mind. The goal is to realize a full potential of being in all his aspects: physical, emotional, mentally, and spiritually. This approach relies on the capacity to “reharmonize” the body, with the possibility to help headache, digestive and hormonal problem, sleep issues, pain, chronical stress, anxiety, respiratory problem and more. The yoga therapist can give the recommendations on the physical postures (asanas), breathing technics that are adapted to the individual needs. The objective is to allow an independence in the management of his health. This supervised practice is effective in prevention and in the care of pathologies, but does not substitute for a medical treatment.


A personalized session in function of your needs. No matter if you are a beginner or an intermediate in the practice of meditation, we can address the introduction to basic technics as well as the theory or the practice of a more advanced meditation. The important is, first, to target your intentions, whether it is to slow down your brain, know anxiety relieving tools, developed concentration and self-listening, listen to what your body tells you, etc.

Claudie Laberge
Claudie Laberge graduated in kinesiology from Sherbrooke University, and she has more than 800 hours of formation in teaching yoga and meditation, she is passionate about nature, human development and increasing health by motion. She is studying ancient science like Hatha yoga, mindfulness meditation, traditional Chinese medicine, medicine wheel and do the bridge with the occidental science notions to offer an approach of holistic health. She knows to adapt her guidance with accuracy depending on the specific needs of individuals
She is a great listener, so Claudie will know how to accompany you with kindness during your stay, to offer you private or semi-private yoga, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness meditation, and/or personalized training consultations.
Raphaël Morin
Graduated in kinesiology and in college education at Sherbrooke University, Raphaël is passionate about education, human movement, outdoors, psychology and healthy holistic habits. Coach, physical trainer, therapist in cognitive behavioral therapy and certified yoga teacher, he guides, facilitates, and teach with an energic, authentic and caring presence.
His therapeutic approach aims to soften the body and the mind, open you up to new perspectives to overcome with agility everyday challenges. Work with Raphaël, it is surpassing your limits and give a sense to what you do. It is harmonizes your body by adopting a responsible attitude

Essentrics private lesson

ESSENTRICS is an unprecedented program who transforms the morphology of the body through the dynamic and fluid marriage between of reinforcement and flexibility. This training develops slender, powerful, and supple muscles while increase the posture. But ESSENTRICS goes even further. Beyond changing your body, this intelligent program takes care of your inner self. This training is taking place on a musical background, without weight or load and offer an incontestable energy gain.

Martha Au
Martha has always been active and has practiced a lot of sports all her life. She has been a chartered accountant for a long time, working in many countries, she once realized that she wanted to do something else. It is finally a meeting with Miranda Esmonde-White – founder of the Essentrics method – during a thematic Essentrics weekend at Spa Eastman that would change her life
Even if Martha as practice steps, Zumba, NIA, yoga, Pilates, and other kind of activities in the past, she quickly realizes that it is the Essentrics method that gives her the more result, a flexible body, and some strong and resistant muscles. An effective technique that she can practice regularly without injuries. In short, she loved this technique so much that she is now a certified instructor! It is now your turn to explore the Essentrics technic with her
Diane Derome
Diane as completed her level 2 certification in Essentrics created by Miranda Esmonde-White, founder of the Essentrics technique in the 90’s. Animated by customer service and carrying the cooperation values, she likes to mobilize people to go beyond in the action.
While guiding and educating her students on different physical gaits that they can develop with the help of different movements in her training program.
Durée60 min.
Yoga private lesson82$
Essentrics private lesson82$