Light from head to toes


Lymphatic drainage of the legs, which promotes blood flow and the elimination of toxins, all combined with a gentle meditation to feel the effects of lightness from head to foot. 

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The benefits of pressotherapy 

Promote venous and lymphatic return 
By improving blood and lymphatic circulation, pressotherapy helps relieve blood circulation problems: feeling of heavy legs, edema and lymphedema, varicose veins, etc. It is also interesting for improving recovery in athletes. Pressotherapy, by continuous pressure, is preferable to obtain this draining effect. 
Promote the elimination of toxins 
Thanks to a better circulation of fluids, pressotherapy also helps to promote the elimination of toxins. 
Have an action on aqueous cellulite 
Pressotherapy can also have a beneficial action against aqueous cellulite, insofar as it is linked to a problem of water retention due in part to poor circulation. The sequential pressure technique will be used for this anti-cellulite lens. However, pressotherapy alone is not enough to overcome cellulite. It must be associated with a food rebalancing, or even other techniques such as cryolipolise for example. 

An antioxidant mint herbal tea for blood circulation 

This treatment also includes the service of a mint herbal tea which strengthens the blood network, thanks to its antioxidant power which allows blood circulation. 

This treatment also includes the diffusion of essential oil to help calm the mind! 

Duration30 min.
Light from head to toes40$