Signature massage with Inspirata Nature infused hot oils



Treat yourself with this unique sensory experience: a massage with oils infused with toning, relaxing plants, that promote regeneration and deep tissue hydration, this treatment allows you to experience the benefits of hot oils.

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The skin is a big sponge, everything we put on it should calm, nourish, and promote regeneration. That’s why, in collaboration with the Spa Eastman massage therapy team, we have created a unique treatment to help you reconnect with nature and its benefits. Inspired by Ayurveda * (considered as the medical branch of yoga), this treatment helps to calm stress and mental chatter, reduce overstimulation of the senses, soothe the nervous system, promote elimination and restore skin’s natural elasticity. In addition, the oils applied to your skin are gently preheated, making the sensory experience unique.

The oils infused with aromatic herbs enhance the work of the therapist because the plants bring, according to their properties and active principles, a variety of benefits. Evening primrose, borage, hemp, lavender, rosebuds, lemon balm, rosemary, and calendula are just a few of the ingredients.

The oils are created by hand, with the greatest respect for nature. You will also have the chance to continue the experience at home by practicing daily self-massage with oil especially recommended for you at the end of the treatment by your therapist.


This complete care adds to the discovery experience with special attention to the hands and feet, which are often abused in our daily lives. The massage ends with a scalp treatment with warm oil, deeply moisturizing and soothing for the mind. The hair, head, and ears receive greater attention, and tensions subside with specific pressure points to encourage letting go and soothing mental chatter.

* This treatment is not a traditional Ayurvedic treatment, but an adaptation to a unique signature treatment, created with the native plants of Quebec to make you experience the synergies of plants and the benefits of receiving a hot oil massage.

Duration60 min.90 min.
Massage- Inspirata Nature125$175$