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Conférences et ateliers – 3 repas de Cuisine Tonique – Installations de thermothérapie et piscines – 15 km de sentiers – Gym – Hébergement

Elevate to Bliss: Couples Communication Retreat


Marie-Claire Thauvette, AASECT, ISEE, Seasoned Couple’s Coach

April 4th to 7th, 2024

Cette retraite est offerte uniquement en anglais



Limited spots available
Retraite guidée en anglais uniquement

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Our aim is to fortify your connection and elevate your relationship

Through years of dedicated research, we’ve meticulously curated and developed tools to help your couple with empathetic and loving communication. These resources are tailored to help you acquire invaluable communication skills, foster a profound appreciation for each other, and gain insights during our dynamic sessions. Our aim is to fortify your connection and elevate your relationship to new heights.

Following this retreat, both you and your partner will leave feeling revitalized and invigorated.

The rejuvenating spa experience will leave you refreshed, while the newfound skills and motivation gained during the retreat will propel you forward on your renewed journey together as a couple.

Designed and facilitated by a couple’s coach

Marie-Claire Thauvette

Marie-Claire Thauvette, affectionately known as M-C, is an esteemed Relationship, Conscious Loving, Communication, and Sexuality Coach. Dynamic, bubbly, and endlessly fun, Marie-Claire infuses her coaching with contagious positive energy, ensuring couples leave her retreats energized and exhilarated! Her mission is to equip couples with innovative and enjoyable solutions, empowering them to build resilient and vibrant futures together. Marie-Claire has honed a unique coaching method, seamlessly addressed present challenges while making the process enjoyable. With over 30 years of teaching experience and more than 13 years of personalized coaching under her belt, M-C is a Level 2 Gottman Therapy practitioner, board certified by ASSECT and ISEE (Intimacy). Her commitment to enhancing relationships led her to pen the best-selling and award-winning book, « Honeymoon Playbook. » A sought-after expert, Marie-Claire frequently graces Canada’s top TV shows and co-hosts « The Passion Perspective » podcast. For an immersive experience, M-C hosts transformative workshops and retreats throughout the year, including exclusive events at Spa Eastman. Discover more at www.relationshipbliss.ca.

Our Workshops

  • Couples will do an exercise and discuss each others strengths, qualities, and admirable traits. You will learn to add these to your routines and rituals.
  • Explore each other’s love languages, enabling you to adopt and implement these new expressions of love. Prepare by taking the love languages quiz at www.5lovelanguages.com before you join us.
  • You will practice new conflict resolution strategies rooted in the Gottman Method, equipping you with cutting-edge techniques to minimize conflicts. Discover powerful antidotes that address and mitigate the most challenging issues, preventing the erosion of relationships.
  • Discover effective techniques to swiftly mend after conflicts, ensuring you spend more quality time together as a couple and avoid prolonged periods apart after disagreements
  • How does your couple define romance, and what innovative ways can we infuse more of it into our rituals of connection?
  • Collaborate with fellow couples to ignite thrilling and unforgettable date night concepts! Depart with a treasure trove of enough exhilarating ideas to keep your romance alive and sizzling for the next six months.

This workshop will be delivered in English, however,
participants are free to express themselves in French.

Coaching Schedule:
7-8:30 pm Thursday April 4th
9-11:30 am Friday April 5th to Sunday April 7th
Rest of each day can be spent at couples’ discretion.

The ideal place for clearing your mind and energizing your body

This retreat includes :

Lodging in one of our 8 pavilions

Tonique Cuisine meals, a tasty anti-inflammatory gastronomy

Unlimited access to all the facilities of the site: thermotherapy, gym and 15 km of trails

Sessions of your choice offered on our daily activity calender

Possibility of adding treatments and consultations: massage, facial, naturopathy consultation and more.

In the enchanting setting of the Oasis

Une retraite bien-être au coeur de la nature des Cantons-de-l'Est pour atteindre ses objectifs mieux-être
Discover these pavilions

This retreat takes place in one of the Oasis pavilions founded on the best principles of sustainable development, in the heart of nature. In addition to its beautiful glass room, this pavilion offers an infrared sauna, a 4-season solarium and a roof terrace.

Sleep in the Oasis

By choosing an Oasis room, you will be accommodated in the establishment where all the workshops of the retreat will be held, allowing you to settle down completely.

3-night double occ.$976$1033$1076$1133$1195$1216