Tonique Cuisine

3 recipes for a Tonique Mother’s Day brunch

Mother’s Day means brunch! That’s why Spa Eastman is sharing 3 recipes for a successful brunch. Immerse yourself in a surprising anti-inflammatory gastronomic experience inspired by the principles of Cuisine Tonique®, which combine pleasure and health, to celebrate the sweet mothers in our lives. Spa Eastman yogurt Because you love it! This delicious dairy-protein-free yogurt […]


Three easy steps to have a hydrated skin and a beautiful skin tone this summer

To learn more about the habits for achieving glowing skin thanks to the sun’s rays, I gathered insights from our expert beauticians at Spa Eastman on all the secrets for maintaining radiant skin without sun damage. According to their advice, the key to success includes exfoliation, sunscreen, and hydration. Add a few recommended products from […]